The term China Pakistan “Health Corridor” or “Health Silk Road” is state of the art concept based project, the masterplan of the project was presented in “The Summit of Global Health Leaders” at University of Hong Kong Faculty of Medicine on 16th December 2017 by President of China Pakistan Medical Association Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz, and earlier it was published in China Daily & Daily Telegraph in 17th May 2017.

During Fellowship in Robotic & Minimally invasive Surgery in IRCAD, France (2016-2018), Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz played key role in high level meetings between Jian Municipal Government, Prof. Niu Jun Jinan Medical Group & President Jacques Marescaux of Robotic & Minimally invasive surgery training center IRCAD, France for the establishment of state of the art Surgery training center in China. Later on, the cooperation between Chinese & Pakistani institutes was initiated leading to the realization of the project.

The Health Corridor concept is a Multidisciplinary interconnected group of centers consisting of Medical Institutes, hospitals, Nursing and Paramedical institutes, Research & Training centers, IT, R & D and pharmaceutical industries in countries along Belt & Road linked together by Mobile Hospitals/Labs/Pharmacy, 5G, Artificial intelligence, Virtual & Augmented reality and Big data. And establishment of Telemedicine, Virtual classrooms, Data & experience Sharing, doctors training, Co-accreditation, Belt & Road Health Fund, Belt & Road Medical Force BRMF, Silk Road Higher Medical Education forum SRHMEF and connectivity via Medical Tourism BRMT for better care and well-being of human beings.

Key words of “The Health Corridor” are Multidisciplinary link, Big Data, Telemedicine, Co-accreditation, Artificial Intelligence, BRFM, SRHMEF, BRHF, BRMT.