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'CPMA' is a not-for-profit, voluntary, registered organization to achieve Excellence in Medical Education, Research, Innovation & Training and promote leadership and therefore further the influence of Pakistani Medical Professionals & students in People’s Republic of China. CPMA vision is to provide a platform for the Pakistani Medical students and doctors to excel in the field and communicate internationally with Medical Institutes, hospitals, Nursing and Paramedical institutes, Research & Training centers, IT, R & D, pharmaceutical industries and Government Institutions at one platform.

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The term China Pakistan “Health Corridor” or “Health Silk Road” is state of the art concept based project, the masterplan of the project was presented in “The Summit of Global Health Leaders” at University of Hong Kong Faculty of Medicine on 16th December 2017 by President of China Pakistan Medical Association Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz, and earlier it was published in China Daily & Daily Telegraph in 17th May 2017.